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“Mining and Metallurgical Industry” National Magazine “Globus: geology and business” journal
“Gold and technologies” magazine Argus
Business World Kazakhstan Catalogmineralov.ru
Euroasia Industry magazine Goldletter International
Gornoe Delo Web Site Informational and analytical portal about subsoil use in Kazakhstan
Journal Mineral Recourses of Russia. Economics and Management Kazakhstan Mining Portal
Mining magazine of Kazakhstan Non-profit partnership «Youth Mining Leaders Forum»
Open Central Asia PravoTEK
The International Business Magazine Kazakhstan World Finance Review



Video Report – Master Class: Architecture of Financing Mining Projects: Technical and Nontechnical Criteria of a Successful Business Plan

Video Report – Master Class: Unlocking the Power of 3D Geological Modeling to Facilitate the Investment Process and More Effectively Communicate to Stakeholders

Video Report – Master Class: Five Tips for Effective Management of Mining Projects.

Video Report – Master Class: JORC – A New Approach to Estimating Kazakhstan Mineral Reserves

Asset Issekeshev

Shavkat Bobozoda

Paul Myler

Dr Carolyn Browne

Keynote – Asset Issekeshev

Video Report – Session 10

Video Report – Session 9

Video Report – Session 8

Video Report – Session 7

Video Report – Session 6

Video Report – Session 5

Video Report – Session 4

Video Report – Session 3

Video Report – Session 2

Video Report – Session 1

Forum, 19 March

Master Classes, 17 March


Photo Report, Gala Dinner

Photo Report, Expo

Forum, 18 March

Photo report

Rinat Berikbolov

Elnar Nadyrgaliev

Serik Kamely

Kairat Bekturgenev

Asset Issekeshev

Bakhtiyor Sharipov

Shavkat Bobozoda

Alexander Prikhodko

The Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA)

Kazanada LLP


The International Business Magazine Kazakhstan

Mission of the magazine – Helping leaders of Kazakh business expand their business relations and promote successfully in local and international markets. Being a publication for professionals, this magazine only publishes accurate and quality analytical material in the sphere of business and investment. It draws special attention to the development of the oil and gas, mining and power engineering sectors; the transport and telecommunications, financial and banking markets; agriculture and other key sectors of the economy. Our readers are captains of the economy: leaders and top managers of investment and business structures, heads of national companies and development institutions, representatives of central government agencies, members of parliament, diplomats, private investors and independent experts. Informational and analytical web portal www.investkz.com enhances the prospects of the international business magazine Kazakhstan as an informational source for domestic and international businesses. This project is aimed to develop an Internet resource dedicated to the most topical economic and business information about Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Business Magazine Ltd
Office 303, 3rd floor, business-center "Temir-Tau",
236 "B", Gagarin Ave., 050060, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel/fax: + 7/727/ 2662507
e-mail: info@investkz.com
Post Box 185, 050000, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Non-profit partnership «Youth Mining Leaders Forum»

Non-profit partnership «Youth Mining Leaders Forum»  is the largest youth platform of mining sector for professional and personal development of young specialists, implementation of youth initiatives, exchange of experience and development of industry human capital. Established in September 2011

Goal: assist to fulfillment of Russian mining industry deficit in young skilled specialists and creation of a personnel reserve for the industry on the basis of effective interaction between young specialists, the state, employers, industry educational and scientific organizations, labor unions

Target group (under 35): students, post-graduate students, young scientists, employees of mining companies, research and educational organizations, public authorities and youth organizations


Consolidate best young and future miners, create incentives and opportunities to develop their professional, leadership and creative potential, self-actualization in the mining industry

Consolidate the interests and efforts of key mining industry stakeholders that keep focus on attraction of young professionals in order to promote investment in human capital and coordinate implementation of an effective personnel policy

Form a talent pool for mining industry that consist of the most perspective, competent and motivated young mining engineers

Form a positive image of the miner profession and promote the popularization of the engineering education

MAXAM Kazakhstan LLP

Tulegen Mukhanov

Master Classes

Business Podium

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Pikhard

Akbatyr Nadyrbaev


Bryanston Resources

Ralph Nowak

Fabian Kroeher

Subsoil Use Department (Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan)

Mineral Resources for Development Regional Programme


Paul Myler


The Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Boubacar Bocoum

Ruslan Baimishev

Nikolai Yenshin

RGC REM “Information Analytical Center of Geology and
Mineral Resources ” of the Committee of Geology and
Subsoil Use of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mattias Åstholm

Vyacheslav Paraska

Arman Akhanov

Dr Boris Geldyyev

Victor Glushko

Said Sultanov

Ivan Maximov

Maxim Telemtayev

Mott MacDonald



Argus is an independent media organisation with over 700 full time staff. It is headquartered in London and has offices in each of the world’s principal commodity centres. Its main activities comprise publishing market reports containing price assessments, market commentary and news, and business intelligence reports that analyse market and industry trends.

Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for the global crude, oil products, LPG, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation industries. Data provided by Argus are widely used for indexation of physical trade. Companies, governments and international agencies use Argus information for analysis and planning purposes.

Argus has 20 offices globally, including London, Houston, Washington, New York, Calgary, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow, Astana, Riga and other key centres of the commodity industries. Argus was founded in 1970 and is a privately held UK-registered company.

Gary Tipper

Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan (invited)

Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan (speaker to be confirmed)

Dr Carolyn Browne

Damir Sukhov

Abdusalom Makhmadaliev

Ruslan Sevostyanov

Geraldo Pinto

GEM Systems Inc.

Dr Hakan Arden


Informational and analytical portal about subsoil use in Kazakhstan

Str. Shalyapina 20, of.320
Almaty, 050036, Republic of Kazakhstan
Тel.:  +7 727 302-64-11
Fax:   +7 727 303-43-26
e-mail: info@infonedra.kz

The Internet resource www.infonedra.kz supported by LLP «Two Key» place information, recent national and world news, business proposals from companies and firms specializing in subsoil use, as well as materials from mineralogical, geological and geochemical investigations. Web Resource provides visitors with information about mining, mining industry and related industries. In the section «stock information» is possible to see the latest on-line price trends presented with the London Stock Exchange for aluminum, lead, copper, tin, in the news frame read analytical articles and reports of world news agencies. In addition, companies working in the sphere of subsoil can use the «labor exchange» for recruits of specialists. The target audience of the Internet resource – is top-managers, managers, marketing specialists and users which showing the business interest in the subsoil use and production of mining industries. All information is freely available.


Gornoe Delo Web Site

In web site www.Gornoe-Delo.ru  along with the publications dedicated to the main trends of mining development in our country and abroad there are materials from the manufacturers of mining technique, analytical reviews, articles on mining experience. The online magazine «Gornoe-Delo"  www.gornoe-delo.ru/jgd deal with  the most up-to-date information concerning innovation technology implementation in exploration, surveying,   mining and preparation.


Pavel Mukhin

Baurzhan Ibrayev

Karl Llewelyn

CCS Services

Ulanbek Ryskulov

Business podium – company presentations

Speaker to be confirmed

Discussion: Why is there a lack of quality mining projects in Central Asia and is this going to change soon?

Discussion: Business transformation – Adapting to challenging conditions and ensuing growth



Nikolay Radostovets

Timur Toktabaev

Duman Aubakirov

Pavel Shevchenko

Kairat Karmanov

Vadim Martynenko

Alison Morley

Wolfram Felfer

Vasily Savin

John Kallaway

Sergey Kiselev

Pavel Kushnarev

Kulbaram Urazova

Dr. Uta Alisch

Serik Syzdykov

Jeremy Allen

Berikbol Khamzin

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting



“Gold and technologies” magazine

Журнал «Золото и технологии» издается с 2008 года и является официальным печатным органом Союза золотопромышленников. Издание имеет рассылку по всем золотодобывающим и геологоразведочным предприятиям России и Казахстана, аффинажным заводам, научным и исследовательским лабораториям и организациям. Так же его получают российские и зарубежные производители, и поставщики техники, оборудования и технологий для золотодобывающей отрасли. Кроме того, журнал "Золото и технологии" направляется в надзорные и регулирующие организации отрасли: Роснедра, ГКЗ, Минприроды, Гохран, предприятия Российского геологического холдинга, Торгово-промышленная палата и др. География распространения охватывает 25 субъектов Российской Федерации. Периодичность выхода – 4 номера в год, объем номера – от 120 полос, печать полноцветная, тираж – 950 экз.

Kylyshbek Izbaskhanov

Networking drinks

Unlocking the power of 3D geological modeling to facilitate the investment process and more effectively communicate to stakeholders

Coffee break

Five Tips for effective management of mining projects


Architecture of Financing Mining Projects: Technical and Nontechnical Criteria of a Successful Business Plan

Coffee break

Registration and welcome coffee

Applicant Registration Form, Photography Competition

John Bacharach


National Geological Exploration Company “Kazgeologiya”

Valeriy Machulov

Alexey Strikha

Alexey Tsekhovoy

Tony Thornton

National Geological Exploration Company “Kazgeologiya”

Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (KBCC)

Central-Asian Mining Union

The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AGMP)

Alex Patrakov

Sofijа Krasnyh

Aleksey Rudenko

Metso Minerals (CIS)



Kazakhstan Mining Portal

Казахстанский горнопромышленный портал – это специализированный Internet-ресурс в Центрально-Азиатском регионе, посвященный горной промышленности.
Ежедневные новости горной промышленности Центрально-Азиатского региона и Мира, поиск специализированных геологоразведочных, строительных и проектных организаций, контакты с недропользователями, инвесторами и поставщиками оборудования, обмен передовым опытом и технологиями, анализ тенденций развития горнодобывающей отрасли – это www.mining.kz

Sprung Instant Structures Ltd.

Dr Thomas Krom

Inna Popova

Holger Krohmer

Baurzhan Duisebayev

Dr. Andrey Kharlashin


Session 5: A road map for developing raw materials base in Kazakhstan and Central Asia – exploration strategies, funding options, risks, new technologies

Technical break


Gary Hodgkinson

Sergei Sabanov

Stefan Scholz

David Lawrence

Mike Hallewell

Vitaly Nesis

Ayuna Nechaeva

Yerlan Ramazanov

Alexey Tsoy

Julia Boiko

Phil Newall

Robert Wieder


Wardell Armstrong Group (WAI)

Wardell Armstrong Group (WAI)


Phoenix Geophysics Limited

www email

“Mining and Metallurgical Industry” National Magazine

"Mining and Metallurgical Industry" National Magazine was established by the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises ALE in 2008. The editorial board is headed by Mr. S. A. Issekeshev the Minister of Investment and Development.  The magazine shows activity of mining companies on introduction of innovative technologies, modernization of production, reduction of injury level, increase of productivity and social responsibility, training and etc., from different angles. The magazine promotes exchange of best practices in the industry, consolidation of workers of the real sector, conduction of industry conferences and congresses. It is accredited in the Presidential Administration, Parliament, ministries and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has become an interactive platform for exchange of views between the Ministry, employers and the union in the last six years. Periodicity is 12 items per year; the index according to the catalogue of the "Kazpost” JSC is 74112.

11, Kabanbai batyr str., Block 7, 3rd floor
Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan
+7 (7172) 688-843, 688-845

www email www twitter


Наш сайт это научно популярный журнал: основная часть  –  виртуальная коллекция минералов и драгоценных камней. На сайте вы найдете фотографии, описания и тематические статьи по минералогии и истории камня.

Так же на сайте ежедневно обновляемая новостная лента о геологии, минералогии, горном деле. Публикуются анонсы интересных мероприятий и событий.

На форуме каталога минералов ежедневно ведётся обсуждение геологических и окологеологических тем.

Раздел Месторождения полезных ископаемых содержит информацию о многих минералогически интересных районах мира.


Business World Kazakhstan

Business World Kazakhstan magazine is

  • unique business magazine,
  • one of the most popular business magazine in Kazakhstan,
  • effective tool to promote your business, find partners and establish B2B-relations.

A4 Format, high-quality glossy magazine

Number of pages: 80 pages

Circulation: 7000 copies

Periodicity: 10 issues per year

The main content of the magazine: announcements and reports, case and review articles, notes, interviews with speakers of business events.

Target audience:

  • state and public figures , government officials;
  • business founders and top managers;
  • middle and lower level managers;
  • experts, specialists, office staff

Distributed free of charge at forums, exhibitions, conferences, in business centers, hotels, restaurants.

www email


LAWTEK Group (PravoTEK Group) – a major company providing legal information services for the oil and gas, mining and energy sectors and focuses on the following activities: Digests and Magazines media.lawtek.ru Informational and analytical website www.lawtek.ru Seminars and trainings school.lawtek.ru Professional conferences conference.lawtek.ru

23 Zatsepa str.
Moscow, 115054, Russia
tel.    +7 499 2354788
fax    +7 499 2352361



Open Central Asia

*Open Central Asia* is a quarterly magazine, published in the UK, which connects and highlight the links between Europe and Central Asia. Promoting the cultures, politics, events and communities of both regions, the magazine provides a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas promote both business co-operation and tourist relations in one of the world's fastest developing cluster of nations.

Central Asia (comprising Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) is on the cusp of events happening in Afghanistan and the Middle East and a key witness and player in the expanding influence of China and the East. With strong roots in its Russian-dominated past and the historical backdrops of the Great Game and the ancient Silk Road, the region is re-emerging in political, cultural and industrial importance. Open Central Asia magazine brings its readers expert access and up-to-date analysis of this fascinating part of the world that has remained hidden from view for decades.

www www twitter twitter

Euroasia Industry magazine

Euroasia Industry magazine is a quality, monthly publication that provides 250+ pages of insightful comment and analysis of today’s foremost business developments, encompassing international trends in trade, market challenges and technological innovations. Mining, Metals & Minerals are key sectors featured in the magazine, and we speak to successful companies from around the world about their achievements to date, current and upcoming projects, and strategies for future success. Technology is making the world a smaller place, globalisation is a fact of life, and we continue to bring our senior executive readers the very best of the international business community.


World Finance Review

World Finance Review is a quarterly publication dedicated to promoting investments into emerging economies. For a number of years World Finance Review has been working with Governments and National Banks to attract international businesses and to foster direct investments inflow into Eastern Europe and Central Asia. World Finance Review strives to provide accurate and objective information and cutting edge analysis of trends and developments in economy, banking and finance, oil and gas, technology and innovations, investment climate and environmental issues.

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IMC Montan

IMC Montan




Journal Mineral Recourses of Russia. Economics and Management

Geoinformmark OOO, Information Agency for Geology and Subsoil Management
Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
Federal Subsurface Management Agency


Published since 1991, (bi-monthly)

The Journal publishes materials on all types of minerals, oil, gas, coal, ferrous, non-ferrous, precious and rare metals, agrochemical and mining chemical raw materials, etc.

The basic sections: the current state and development prospects of the mineral resource base in Russia (exploration and the resources base); economic policy and management of the mineral resource complex; legal support to subsurface use; mineral resources market; investment projects, equipment and technologies.

Тел: +7 (499) 230-25-61, 230-24-11

info@geoinform.ru, ad@geoinform.ru


“Globus: geology and business” journal

 “Globus: geology and business” is an information journal.

The territory of distribution is Russia, Kazakhstan and the Uzbekistan. The journal is disseminated in a package by courier delivery, open display and subscription.

CIRCULATION: 9,000 copies.

periodicity:  1 issue in 2.5 months, 5 issues per year

The strategy of “Globus” journal unites two concepts: “business” and “specialized”. The main advantage of such an approach is that the materials presented for the managing staff in the field of subsurface use are up-to-date. Thus, any manager can get relevant information about the market trends.

An important technical feature of the journal is 3D photo projects. Each issue contains a portfolio of on-the-spot photomaterials. Photography is performed by the journal’s photographers, who go to the enterprises located in any spot of Russia and the CIS. Each issue of the journal is equipped with special 3D glasses for viewing photos.

3D photo projects outline the journal from the Mass media at different events, attract attention to the edition and allow to gain its reader. Such on-the-spot photo stories demonstrate how closely the journal cooperates with mining companies.


660067, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, PO Box 4723

 Phone: +7 (391) 274-53-79

e-mail: globus-j@mail.ru



Mining magazine of Kazakhstan


146, Karasay batyr st., office 401,
Almaty, 050026, Kazakhstan
tel.: +7 (727) 326-91-69

e-mail: Yuliya.Bocharova@interrin.kz

The scientific and technological as well as a production journal, full-color illustrated publication. It has been published bi-monthly since 2003, its circulation amounts to 1500 copies, each issue carrying a brief Kazakh, Russian and English summary of the materials published. Provides exhaustive information on matters relating to the development of deposits, new technologies, mining transport and processing equipment, mining geology, ecology etc.

Subscription indices – 75807 in the catalogues of the «Kazpost», «Evrika – press», «KAZ PRESS», «Ural-Press Yekaterinburg» (Russia) agency.

Materials: Slides

Stanislav Titkov

Panel discussion on changing strategies and operational practices making mining operations in Central Asia more efficient.

Polymetal International Plc

Bryan Cave LLP




ALS Minerals



AGT Systems

Adverts, Logos and Web banners

News releases

Booking forms and Guidelines


Download centre


Sary Arka 4

Gala dinner

Session 10: Current issues of local content for subsoil users

Session 9: Extracting more for less – embracing innovation and improving operations

Coffee break

Session 8: Developing mineral information disclosure practices and reporting standards


Session 7: Key sources of finance and capital for developing mining projects in Central Asia

Coffee break

Session 6: Developing mining businesses and projects across Central Asia

Welcome coffee

Drinks and networking

Discussion: Practices, risks, rewards, opportunities and funding resources

Presentation of mining and investment projects across Central Asia

Session 4: Practical solutions for developing mineral deposits in Kazakhstan – ISL technology

Examining the regulatory context in Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic: what does it mean for mining project development?

Session 3: Mining Leaders – Embracing new economic challenges and realities


Session 2: Regulatory changes and business prospects in the mining sector in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Subscribe to News

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Coffee break 

Coffee break

JORC – a New approach to estimating Kazakhstan Mineral Reserves

Registration and welcome coffee

Forum Agenda



Round Table

Gala Dinner


2 April, Forum

1 April, Forum

Virtual Disk


Mining Journal



Gaidar Kuzhakhmetov

Mining News

Kazakhstan’s key Ministers and senior officials will take part in the Forum on 1 and 2 April

Investors and mining companies will be offered an opportunity to learn about forthcoming changes and contribute their views on the “Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Subsoil Use”

To facilitate exploration, Geological Exploration Centre will be built in Astana by 2015 at Nazarbayev University

Kazakhstan to become the first ex-Soviet Union State to accept New Mining Code modelled on Australian and Canadian principles of allocation of Mineral Exploration Rights


Forum Partners


Goldletter International

►        Goldletter International, is a premier independent information and advisory source on investing in the worldwide gold  market and is particularly focused on attractive investment opportunities in emerging gold regions.

►        Uraniumletter International, published since October 2005, has become one of the premier information and advisory sources for investing in the international uranium equity market.

►        Strategic Metals & Rare Earths Letter International commenced its publications in September 2010, covering the international rare earth elements sector, focusing on advanced-stage development companies.

►        GL, UL and SMRE Letter International are publishing Special Reports and Investment Alert reports on prospective  individual exploration/development companies offering a high investment leverage potential.

►        Organizing European Commodity Forums, the European professional investment community and wealthy individual investors are advised on attractive speculative investment opportunities in the global strategic mining sector.

All three publications are Media Partners to major worldwide mining events. 

Hotel Reservation Form

MINEX Central Asia 2015 sponsors

Media kit

Photography contest “Prospector. Miner. Metallurgist”

Speakers Bio Photo

Economic and Business Outlook

MINEX Central Asia 2014 Forum Brochure

Journalist Accreditation

Sponsorship terms and booking


Sponsor’s Guests

Speaker registration




Exhibitor information

Floor Plan

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Sponsorship options

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Угольный портал Украины

Специализированный отраслевой интернет проект посвященный угольной отрасли и горной промышленности.
Портал является лидером среди отраслевых Украинских интернет ресурсов, посвященных угольной тематике и одним из ведущих русскоязычных специализированных сайтов.
На сайте вы найдете большое количество полезной информации: обширный каталог горно-шахтного оборудования, каталог производителей ГШО, каталог угольных предприятий, доска бесплатных объявлений, отраслевые новости.
А так же большое количество справочной и другой полезной информации.

1 октября 2013

Perfection Area

Pushkin Hall

Tolstoy Hall

Tchaikovski Hall

Astana Park Inn Hotel

Sary Arka 1

Session 1: Mining industry in Central Asia – Global challenges vs local perspectives


9:00 Приветственный кофе

Expo Hall 2

2 October, 18:15 Приветственный приём

2 October, 16:00-18:15

2 October, 15:30-16:00

2 October, 14:00-15:30

2 October, 13:00-14:00

2 October, 11:30-12:00

Conference Hall

1 October, 18:00-18:10 Завершение программы

1 October, 16:30-18:00

1 october, 16:00-16:30 Кофе-брейк

1 october, 14:30-16:00

1 October, 13:30-14:30

1 October, 12:00-13:30

1 October, 18:10-19:30 Фуршет

2 October, 10:30-11:30

2 October, 12:00-13:00

2 October, 10:05-10:30

2 october, 10:00-10:05

Corporate Sponsor

Session Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

1 October, 10:15-11:45

1 October, 9:00-10:15

Keynotes opening remarks


Exhibitor terms and booking


1 October, 11:45-12:00

Glinka Hall

Platinum Sponsor

Sary Arka 2

1 October, 08:00-09:00

[tab:Partnership terms]


MINEX Central Asia 2015 organisers are calling on Mining Media and Mining Associations to submit info partnership and cooperation proposals before 15 January 2015.

The benefits and options offered to the info partners are explained below.

For further information about becoming partner please contact Mrs Borka Mikulic, International Business Manager, MINEX Forum by
Email: borka.m@minexforum.com   or
Tel: + 44 (0) 1275 540 582 (direct line)
Mobile: + 44 776 4949433

About the Forum

The 6th Mining and Exploration Forum “MINEX Central Asia 2015” will be held in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan on 17-19 March 2015

MINEX Central Asia Forum is the largest industry-wide international annual event with the prime focus on mining and exploration industry. The Forum provides in-depth coverage of the evolving mining and exploration trends and developments in Central Asia and the neighbouring states and plays important global medium role offering a professional platform on mining education and hosting open-minded exchanges between state officials, mining regulators, mining companies and international stakeholders on the current problems and future prospects of mining in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


Main focus and themes of the Forum:

  • Key drivers and evolving trends in Central Asia’s Mining Industries
  • Changes in mining and exploration regulatory policies in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)
  • Update on major mining, infrastructure and exploration projects and companies in Central Asia
  • Emerging mining investment opportunities in Central Asia
  • Commodity-focused project presentations:  Gold, Platinum and Silver – Iron Ore –  Cooper and non-ferrous metals –  Uranium – Coal –  Rare earths and metals –  Industrial minerals
  • Improving operational efficiency across the board from exploration to mine management
  • Implementation of innovation in mining and exploration practices in Central Asia
  • Project execution – investment and financial strategies for junior and mid-size mining companies
  • Sustainable mining and HSE

Event profile

Title: MINEX Central Asia 2015. The 6th Mining and Exploration Forum

Main theme: Unlocking Central Asia’s vast mineral potential and stimulating international cooperation in the development of mining projects in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia

Type: International conference. Exhibition. Training workshops. GR meetings. Mining Investor Exchange.

Dates: 17 March 2015 – pre-forum master classes; 18 – 19 March 2015 – Forum and Exhibition

Venue: Radisson Astana Hotel, Sary Arka 2, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

Website: www.minexrussia.com/2015

Represented countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Canada, Australia, Austria and the USA

Forum delegates: Over 350

Delegate seniority: Over 60% of the Forum delegates are CEOs, MDs and board members

Forum key audiences: International and National Mining and Exploration companies; Senior Government officials (Minister and Vice Minister level); Senior directors of the State Regulatory committees and State-owned Geological companies;  Mining Consultants and Engineers; Construction companies; Financial companies and Banks; Equity Funds and Institutional Investors; Mining software and equipment producers and distributors; Law Firms; Accountancy Firms; Commodity Traders; NGOs and Trade associations ; Mining design bureaus and research institutes

Exhibitors: Over 30

Exhibition visitors: Over 700

Website unique visitors: Over 50 000 visitors per year


MEDIA partnership benefits (*may vary depending on the level of media support provided)

  • Opportunities for interviewing Forum participants and conducting research
  • Promoting publications and reports via forum’s website and special offer invitations to the delegates
  • Opportunity for distribution of the partner's printed materials at MINEX media partners’ exhibition area
  • Complimentary admission to members of staff representing media partner at the Forum
  • 50% delegate discount for additional member(s) of staff representing partner at the forum
  • Partner’s advertising page in the Forum’s catalogue – in exchange for the Forum’s advertisement placement in the partner’s printed (i.e. not electronic format) media
  • Partner's logo and short company description with hyperlink to partner’s own site on the MINEX info partners web page.
  • Complimentary access to the Forum’s materials (including presentations and photographs) published on-line after the event.
  • Members of professional associations which formally endorse the forum, will be offered 10% discount off standard delegate registration fee (excluding Gala dinner)


Partners will be expected to:

  • Place one/several* MINEX advertisements in the printed media prior to the forum.
  • Place forum’s promotional web banner on partner's website (from the agreement date until 17 March 2015).
  • Enter forum’s details in the partner’s events calendar.
  • Send two/three* electronic MINEX announcements to the subscribers prior to the forum.
  • Publish forum report or editorial in the partner's printed or on-line media.
  • Provide MINEX organisers with complimentary news subscription (if applicable) for a period of up to 12 months.



  1. All travel, visa and accommodation expenses shall be borne by the partner.
  2. Partner will be assigned an individual space or table for the distribution of the printed materials on at the exhibition venue on 18-19 March 2015.
  3. Logos and advertisements must be provided by partner in vector curves in EPS/Illustrator/Corel formats; all fonts must be converted into curves.
  4. Link to partner's website and short 100 words description must be provided by partner.
  5. **We regret that we are not able to provide delegate lists or send mass e-mails on behalf of partners to the Forum participants. However, partners are welcome to send us additional promotional materials which can be included in the Forum’s post event report (containing speaker presentations, interviews, pictures, delegate lists, etc.) The report is published two weeks after the forum on the home webpage and is very popular and frequently read by the MINEX Forum participants.


Becoming info partner:
For further information about becoming partner please contact Mrs Borka Mikulic, International Business Manager, MINEX Forum by
Email: borka.m@minexforum.com   or
Tel: + 44 (0) 1275 540 582 (direct line)
Mobile: + 44 776 4949433

*- terms may vary depending on the level of media support provided 

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